International Volunteer Tourism Edition 2

Integrating Travellers and Communities

September 2013
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    23rd September 2013
  • ISBN 9781845936969
  • Language English
  • Pages 184 pp.
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Volunteer tourism has increased in popularity and prevalence and is no longer considered only a small section of alternative tourism. It is now part of the mainstream tourism industry and tourism experience for many people. Using multiple case studies and concentrating on the experience of the volunteer tourist and the host community, this new edition builds on the view of volunteer tourism as a positive and sustainable form of tourism to examine a broader spectrum of behaviors and experiences and consider critically where the volunteer tourist experience both compliments and collides with host communities..


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1. Introduction
2. Alternative Tourism Experiences
3. Community Development in Volunteer Tourism Destinations
4. Volunteer Tourism Organisation
5. Types of Volunteer Tourism Organisation
6. Volunteer Tourism Projects: A Proposed Mechanism to Improve Working with Local Communities
7. Volunteer Tourism: an Existential Perspective
8. Communities as more than ‘Other’ in Cross-Cultural Volunteer Tourism
9. Looking at the Future of Volunteer Tourism; Commodification, Altruism and Accreditation

Stephen Wearing

Stephen Wearing is Senior Lecturer, University of Technology, Sydney.

Nancy Gard McGehee

Nancy Gard McGehee teaches at Virginia Tech.