Ecotourism Series Series 8

Island Tourism

Sustainable Perspectives

May 2011
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    3rd May 2011
  • ISBN 9781845936792
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Islands are the most vulnerable and fragile of tourism destinations and will experience even more pressure as the combined impacts of economic, social and environmental change accelerate in the future. In order to understand the process of island tourism development, response to change and challenges, and islands’ journeys to sustainability, this book provides insights and instruction on topics including social, cultural, environmental and economic aspects of island tourism.

"The book would be well-suited to being a text for a senior undergraduate or graduate course on tourism and would be a useful addition to any library interested in the topic. It would also make valuable reading for both private and public sector decision-makers."

Paul F. Wilkinson, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - , Annals of Tourism Research

1. Introduction
Part One - Towards Ecological Sustainability
2. Sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island
3. From Sand Mining to Sand Bashing in about 30 Years: A difficult Journey Towards Sustainable Tourism for Fraser Island
4. Managing Tourism on Green Island, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: Conservation, Commerce and Compromises
5. Island Tourism and Sustainability: A Case Study of the Lakshadweep Islands
6. From Carrying Capacity to Adaptive Monitoring: The Case of Tobago

Part Two - Towards Social Sustainability
7. Host and Guest Perceptions of Tourism Impacts in Island Settings: A Malaysian Perspective
8. Islands, Casinos and Cultures. The Cases of St.Croix, Guam and Christmas Island
9. Social Sustainability of Tourism in a Culture of Sensuality, Sexual Freedom and Violence
10. Sustainable Host-Guest Relations on Islands
11. Tourism and Resident Quality of Life: A Sustainable Focus in the Shetland Islands

Part Three - Towards Economic Sustainability
12. Rejuvenating Paradise: Changing Visitors, Changing Products and Changing Markets, Mauritius
13. Sustainable Island Tourism: The Case of Okinawa
14. Tourism in Mediterranean Islands: Results Coming from a Comparative Analysis
15. Sustainable Tourism Transportation in Hawai'i
16. Sustainability, Vulnerability and Tourism Development in the Maldives
17. Conclusion

Richard W. Butler

Richard W. Butler is an Emeritus Professor at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK.

Jack Carlsen

Jack Carlsen is at Curtin University of Technology, Australia.