Tourism, Progress and Peace

Edited by Omar Moufakkir and I. Kelly
June 2010
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    17th June 2010
  • ISBN 9781845936778
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  • Pages 288 pp.
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Tourism has the potential to contribute to world peace, and through appropriate management, to address current realities such as globalization, migration, conflicts, prejudices and poverty. By providing a range of international perspectives and case studies, this book discusses the interrelation between peace, conflict resolution and tourism, the role of industry and the role of the individual, and tourism as a catalyst for change and development. Exploring the ideas that there is more to peace than the absence of war and that there is more to tourism than economic interests, this book is the first of its kind and an essential resource for researchers, students and policymakers in tourism and related subjects.

Introduction: Peace and Tourism: Friends not Foes
1. Tourism and a Culture of Peace
2. Tourism and Inter-Cultural Understanding or Contact Hypothesis Revisited
3. Challenging Peace through Tourism: Placing Tourism in the Context of Human Rights, Justice and Peace
4. Tourism which erases borders: An Introspection into Bosnia and Herzegovina
5. Warming up Peace: An Encounter between Egyptian Hosts and Israeli Guests in Sinai
6. Border Tourism Attractions as a Space for Presenting and Symbolizing Peace
7. The Role of Sport Events in Peace Tourism
8. Domestic Tourism and Peace: The Atlanta Peace Trails Experience
9. Effects of the August 2008 War in Georgia on Tourism and Its Resources
10. Volunteer Tourism in Palestine: A Normative Perspective
11. Re-evaluating Political Tourism in the Holy Land Towards a Conceptualization of Peace Tourism
12. Northern Ireland Re-emerges from the Ashes: the Contribution of Political Tourism towards a more Visited and Peaceful Environment
13. How Stable is Peace Linked with Tourism? The case of Mt. Geumgang Tourism Development Project on the Korean Peninsula
14. Divided or Reunited? Prospects for the Cyprus Tourism Industry
15. Tourism and Reconciliation

Omar Moufakkir

Omar Moufakkir is with Group Sup de Co La Rochelle, France.

I. Kelly

I. Kelly is at the School of Management, University of Western Australia.