Human-Livestock Interactions Edition 2

The Stockperson and the Productivity of Intensively Farmed Animals

February 2011
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    10th February 2011
  • ISBN 9781845936730
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  • Pages 194 pp.
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Human-animal interactions have a profound effect on farm animals and stockpeople alike. Training of stockpeople can improve livestock welfare and in turn productivity, and is a principle area of focus after improvements in genetics, nutrition, reproduction, health and housing have been addressed extensively.

This volume explores new information on human-livestock relationships, their effects on both animals and handlers and the application of this knowledge, particularly in relation to dairy cows, veal calves and poultry. Developments in knowledge of the relationships and their effects post-farm gate are discussed, providing a practical guide that will be a valuable resource for farm managers, researchers in the animal sciences, psychologists, ethologists and veterinarians. It will also benefit students of veterinary and animal sciences.

"…the trend to ever-larger livestock units seems set to continue, thus the importance of selecting, motivating and training people to work in such environments will increase. This book sets the framework for a professional approach to doing this and also outlines areas where further development is needed. As such, it usefully fills a gap in knowledge, and more importantly in current practice."

Claire Weeks, University of Bristol, UK - , Animal Welfare

"The book should take position in the libraries of people involved in animal production and especially education and management of stockpersons."

- , Livestock Production Science


1. Introduction: the Stockperson as a Professional - Skills, Knowledge and Status
2. Farm Animal Welfare: Assessment, Issues and Implications
3. Human-Animal Interactions and Animal Productivity and Welfare
4. Attitudes of Stockpeople
5. Stockperson Behaviour and Animal Behaviour
6. A Model of Stockperson-Animal Interactions and their Implications for Livestock
7. Changing Stockperson Attitudes and Behaviour
8. Conclusion: Current and Future Opportunities to Improve Human-Animal Interactions in Livestock Production

Grahame J. Coleman

Grahame J. Coleman is at Monash University, Australia.

Paul H. Hemsworth

Paul H. Hemsworth is at the University of Melbourne.