Farm Business Management Series Series

Farm Business Management

The Core Skills

October 2010
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  • Published
    19th October 2010
  • ISBN 9781845936679
  • Language English
  • Pages 240 pp.
  • Size 6.25" x 9.25"

Based on research carried out within the farming community and academic studies, this book assesses the core skills needed to become a successful farm manager.

Observation, anticipation of plan outcomes, and risk management are identified as key requirements, and each of these categories is broken down into isolated skills such as problem definition and visual observation, which are in turn analyzed. Practical methods for acquiring or improving each skill are covered in detail, with practice exercises to engage the reader in active participation.

Part 1 Observation
1.1 Introduction to Observation Skills
1.2 Visual Observation
1.3 Reading Skills (Observation)
1.4 Objectives and Skills
1.5 Memory and Good Management
1.6 Problem Definition - One of the First Steps
1.7 Deciding Relevance
1.8 Record Keeping
1.9 Listening Skills
1.10 Review of Observation Skills

Part 2 Anticipation
2.1 Introduction to Anticipation and Looking Ahead Skills
2.2 Imagination … Creativity
2.3 Visualization
2.4 Capturing the Vision
2.5 Practicality
2.6 Exercises in Anticipation

Part 3 Risk Management
3.1 Introduction to Managing Risk and Uncertainty
3.2 Measuring and Describing Risk and Uncertainty
3.3 Sources, or Anatomy, of Risk and Uncertainty
3.4 Attitude to Risk
3.5 Management Options
3.6 Subjective and Objective Probabilities
3.7 Reinforcement: Risk Problem Scenarios

Part 4 Concluding Comments - Assessing and Improving
Managerial Ability

Part 5 Assessments
5.1 Introduction to Assessments
5.2 Assessment of Management Style
5.3 Locus of Control Test and Assessment
5.4 Managerial Aptitude Test and Assessment
5.5 Assessment of Managerial Bias in Decision Making
5.6 Assessing Risk Attitude to Decisions

Part 6 Tests
6.1 Risk Tests
6.2 Observation Tests
6.3 Anticipation Tests

Peter L. Nuthall

Peter L. Nuthall has spent many years teaching and researching aspects of farm management. In addition he has developed and managed a team involved in producing and supporting computer aided management systems used by large numbers of farmers. While most of his time has been at Lincoln University in Canterbury, New Zealand, he has also researched and/or taught at the University of Queensland, Purdue University (Indiana), the University of Kent, and the University of Edinburgh. He has also worked for the UK Meat Marketing Board while based at the University of Nottingham (Sutton Bonnington). Many institutions involved in researching and teaching farm management have been visited to gather ideas in both the developed and developing world. He also has experience of agriculture in a diverse range of situations including Russia, India, Fiji, Australia, NZ, USA and the UK. Nuthall has published widely in scientific journals throughout the world, and in monographs as well as having many research results taken up by the popular farming press.