Conservation Tourism

December 2010
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    17th December 2010
  • ISBN 9781845936655
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The effects of tourism on the ecology and natural environment of tourist destinations are hotly debated, and research has expanded in the fields of ecotourism and sustainability. This book considers the positive contributions that tourism can make to the conservation of global biodiversity, by reviewing and analyzing the economic and political contributions of tourism to conservation through establishment of private game and wildlife reserves, lodges and tourist facilities. Featuring 100 international case studies from private marine reserves to bird watching lodges, this book covers key topics including sources of capital and operational funding, corporate and organizational structure, marketing strategies, primary conservation outcomes and spin-off effects, links to public protected areas, future plans and global trends.

1. Introduction

Part 1: Global Leaders
2. And Beyond
3. Wilderness Safaris
4. Natural Habitat Adventures
5. Last Descents

Part 2: Regional Patterns
6. Asia
7. Oceania
8. Australia
9. Arctic and Antarctic
10. France and Francophone Nations
11. South and Central America
12. Southern and East Africa
13. Conclusions

Ralf C. Buckley

Ralf C. Buckley is at Griffith University, Australia.