Crop Production Science in Horticulture Series 19

Bananas and Plantains Edition 2

December 2010
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    2nd December 2010
  • ISBN 9781845936587
  • Language English
  • Pages 320 pp.
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Bananas and plantains are major fruit crops in the tropics and subtropics, making a vital contribution to the economies of many countries. In the last 15 years, substantial changes have occurred in banana production, among them the increased importance of fungal and viral diseases and their serious impact on Cavendish export cultivars, smallholder plantains and cooking bananas. Changes in production systems such as protected greenhouse cultivation, organic, fair-trade and integrated cultivation and their respective certification schemes have also become prominent. This book provides an accessible review of the scientific principles of banana production and how these relate to field practices. This new edition has expanded coverage of world trade statistics and policies, breeding of new cultivars in relation to disease resistance and markets, prospects for genetically-modified bananas and the increasing role of endophytes in controlling pests and diseases.

"As a banana researcher, I have used John Robinson’s Bananas and Plantains book regularly since its publication in 1996. This second edition, co-authored with Victor Galán Saúco, is most welcome. It looks like I will be using it well into the future. This book should be on the shelves of everyone interested or working in banana and plantain production and marketing."

David W. Turner, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia. - , InfoMusa

1. Distribution and Importance
2. Taxonomic Classification, Cultivars and Breeding
3. Morphological Characteristics and Plant Development
4. Climatic Requirements and Problems
5. Phenological and Physiological Responses
6. Site Selection, Soil Requirements and Soil Preparation
7. Establishing a Plantation
8. Systems of Cultivating Bananas and Product Certifications
9. Nutritional Requirements
10. Water Requirements and Irrigation
11. Horticultural Management
12. Diseases
13. Pests
14. Harvesting and Fruit Handling
15. Ripening, Biochemistry and Uses

John C. Robinson

John C. Robinson is a Banana Consultant in South Africa.

Victor G. Saúco

Victor G. Saúco is at the Instituto Canario de Investigaciones Agrarias, Tenerife.