Tourism Destination Marketing

Collaborative Strategies

June 2025
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  • ISBN 9781845936563
  • Language English
  • Pages 256 pp.
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Destination marketing requires businesses in a geographically limited area to work together to create greater levels of awareness of the destination. This book provides a holistic and systematic view of the collaborative strategies and processes with a focus on capacity and competence building for tourism organizations and destinations within an increasingly competitive marketing context. This book introduces the concept of collaboration and strategic networks as a destination marketing strategy. The book also provides valuable insights and guidelines into the process of strategic networking, while evidence from case studies has been integrated to support and enhance the strategies proposed. The book's systematic approach of combining theoretical/conceptual framework with practical industry implications makes the concepts easy to understand and implement in the business world.

1. Introduction
2. Networking and destination marketing: theories and application
3. Preconditions for networks in destination marketing
4. Motivations for forming marketing networks
5. Success and inhibiting factors for building marketing networks
6. Stages of marketing networks/alliance formation
7. Governance structure of marketing networks
8. Forms of business relationships in marketing networks
9. Driving factors for relationship configuration in a destination
10. Outcomes of strategic destination marketing networks
11. Building blocks of destination marketing networks
12. Roles and responsibilities of DMOs in destination marketing
13. Look into the future: challenges for DMOs

Youcheng Wang

Youcheng Wang is Professor of tourism marketing and e-commerce with the University of Central Florida, USA.