Industrial Crops and Uses

Edited by Bharat P. Singh
October 2010
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    19th October 2010
  • ISBN 9781845936167
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The demand for plant-based industrial raw materials as alternatives to synthetically produced materials has increased, as has research into expanding the utility of plants for current and future uses. Non-food crops can be used in a variety of different industries and products including bioenergy, industrial oil and starch, fiber and dye, rubber and related compounds, insecticide and land rehabilitation. Comprehensively covering each of these uses, chapters discuss the identification of plant species with desired traits, their cultivation to obtain the needed raw materials, methods utilized in producing different finished products, current and future research in crop production and processing, and the present status and future prospects of the industry.

"The book succeeds in its aim of providing information on industrial crops suitable for a textbook for graduate-level students and to present current research and developments of interest to researchers and professionals involved in the industrial utilization of plants. ...extremely useful book as a whole."

Elaine Booth - , Journal of Experimental Agriculture

"The book is a wealth of information on industrial crops, processes and chemistry and thus a must for libraries and is a repository for researchers, professionals spanning from economic botany/agriculture to energy and resource sectors. It is not an ordinary feat to produce such a scientific book of this proposition with extremely clear graphs, lucid writing style and very few errors."

Suman George, Center for Land Rehabilitation, University of Western Australia - , Journal of Tropical Agriculture

Section I. General Introduction
1.Overview of Industrial Crops

Section II. Bioenergy
2: Bioenergy industry status and prospects
3: Ethanol from sugarcane
4: Ethanol from starch crops
5: Cellulosic biofuel
6: Biodisel from plant oils
7: Power generation by gasification and combustion

Section III. Industrial oil
8: Industrial oil types and uses
9: Current and prospective industrial oilseed crops
10: Research in industrial oilseed crops

Section IV. Industrial starch
11: Types of starch, uses and scope
12: Important starch crops
13: Research in industrial starch crops

Section V. Fibre and dye
14; Cotton production, fibre quality, and uses
15: Heavy duty textile crops and uses
16: Research in fibre improvement
17: Important dye plants, dying process and applications

Section VI. Rubber and related compounds
18: Natural rubber industry and rubber tree
19: Guayule and other promising rubber crops.
20: Wax, gum and resin

Section VII. Insecticide
21: Botanical insecticides, repellents, soaps, and oils
22: Insecticidal plants

Section VIII. Land rehabilitation
23: Principles of plant based remediation of contaminated soils
24: Phytoremedial crops and current research

Bharat P. Singh

Bharat P. Singh is a Professor of Agronomy and Bioenergy Crops at the Fort Valley State University at Fort Valley, Georgia, USA. He has research experience spanning over 40 years in areas of sustainable agriculture and crop production systems including bioenergy crops. He has received funding for some 30 grants and is recipient of distinguished project director and outstanding principal investigator awards. He has edited books, authored several book chapters and his research is published regularly in reputed referred journals. He has extensive international exposure through collaborative research and has served as Senior Fulbright Specialist and US State Department Embassy Science Fellow. He heads a very active group of researchers working in several areas of bioenergy crops including molecular breeding to improve production and quality traits, low input cropping systems, and life cycle analysis of bioenergy crops.