Tourism and Visual Culture

Volume 2 — Methods and Cases
August 2010
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    24th August 2010
  • ISBN 9781845936112
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The study of tourism as a complex social phenomenon is growing in importance as it receives recognition as a force far more significant than economic, environmental, and social analyses convey. This volume explores the significance of tourism as a significant phenomenon in both generating and receiving societies, examining methods and cases that demonstrate, develop, and affirm tourism's essentially visual nature. Tourism-related methodology such as photographs, souvenirs and advertising material are used to discuss findings.

1. Examining the Messages of Contemporary "Tourist Art" in Yucatán, Mexico: Comparing Chichén Itzá and the Puuc Region
2. Medialization of Touristic Reality: The Berlin Wall Revisited
3. Vision, translation, rhetoric: constructing heritage in museum exhibitions
4. Visual Images of Metaphors in Tourism Advertising
5. Visual and tourist dimensions of Trentino's Borderscape
6. The Campi Flegrei: A Case Study
7. The use of visual products in relation to time-space behaviour of cultural tourists
8. Integrating multiple research methods: A visual sociology approach to Venice
9. Using Volunteer-employed Photography: Seeing St David's Peninsula through the eyes of locals and tourist
10. Visual Methodologies and Photographic Practices: Encounters with Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site
11. From 'The Dunghill of England' to 'The Jewel of the Commonwealth': Using the concept of tourism image to
explore identity and tourism in 19C and early 20C Tasmania
12. The construction of destinations-Symbolic meanings for destinations and visitors
13. Destination-promoted and visitor-generated images - do they represent similar stories?
14. Photographs in brochures as the representation of induced image in the marketing of destinations: A case study of Istanbul
15. Rematerialising Tourism Research through Visual Ethnography
16. Images of beauty and family. Contemporary imagery at Aquafan
17. "You Can Do Anything in Goa, India" A Visual Ethnography of Tourism as Neo-colonialism

Peter M. Burns

Peter M. Burns teaches at the University of Brighton.

Jo-Anne M. Lester

Jo-Anne M. Lester teaches at the University of Brighton.

Lyn Bibbings

Lyn Bibbings