The Next Rural Economies

Constructing Rural Place in Global Economies

April 2010
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    6th April 2010
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Rural policy in industrialized countries is currently undergoing significant change. "Place-based economies," where the unique attributes of individual places determine their attractiveness for particular types of activities and investments, are increasingly important for rural development. The Next Rural Economies debates the future of rural development and highlights successes and failures to inform research, policy and community action. Case studies present discussions of the current state of rural community and economic restructuring and provide research and policy directions for constructing resilient and sustainable rural economies.

Part 1 - Demographics, Migration & Immigration 1.Local Economic and Social Development in the Multifunctional Landscapes of Rural Australia. 2.Change in the U.S. Great Plains States 3.A New Rural North Carolina: Latino Place-making and Community Engagement 4.Connecting Rural and Urban Places: Enduring Migration between Small Areas in England and Wales 5.Ontario's Greenbelt and Places to Grow Legislation and the Future for the Countryside and Rural Economy

Part 2 - Emerging Economies 6.Adding Value Locally through Integrated Tourism 7.Value-added and Entertainment Agricultural Products in Michigan's Fruit Belt 8.Rural Restructuring and the New Rural Economy: Examples from Germany and Canada 9.Nurturing the Animation Sector in a Peripheral Economic Region: The Case of Miramichi, New Brunswick.

Part 3. Rural Policy and Governance 10.Co-constructing Rural Communities in the 21st Century: Challenges for Central Governments 11. Contemporary Approaches to Rural Development: Lauding the Local 12.Political Economies of Place and in the Emergent Global Countryside: Stories from Rural Wales 13.Rural Development: The Next Territorial Development Paradigm

Part 4. Rural-Urban Peripheries 14.The Reviving of Small Rural Towns on the Paris Periurban Fringes 15.When Urban-Rural Fringes Arise as Differentiated Place: The Socio-Economic Restructuring of Volvic Sources and Volcans (France) 16.Rural Development Strategies in Japan

Part 5. Renewal in Resource Peripheries 17.Resource Development in the Periphery: Lessons from Newfoundland 18.Fly-in, Fly-out Resource Development: A New Regionalist Perspective on the Next Rural Economy 19.Understanding and Transforming a Staples Economy: The Case of Place-based Development in Northern BC, Canada

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