City Tourism

National Capital Perspectives

March 2010
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    2nd March 2010
  • ISBN 9781845935467
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City tourism has grown rapidly and spread well beyond tourist-historic cities and resorts. Most cities now aspire to be tourism destinations and tourism has become a priority for developers and policy makers. National capitals are particularly important, since as well as being destinations in their own right, they act as gateways to their coutnry, present the nations to the rest of the world an play a vital role in establishing national image and identity. Desite this, national capital tourism, like city tourism more generally, has suffered from a lack of research and analysis, limiting our understanding of how the qualities of these cities interact with changing tourism demands.

With a focus on city tourism themes, this book draws on original research to investigate tourism in national capitals in detail, considering image and branding, the visitor experience, visitor markets and tourism development. The book takes a broad international approach and provides detailed case studies of many different types of national capital--ranging from global capitals like London and re-emerging capitals such as Budapest, to planned capitals like Canberra or Ottawa. This new research gives innovative perspectives on city tourism that will prove valuable for researchers, students of tourism and urban studies and for policy makers.

NATIONAL CAPITALS IN THE CITY TOURISM SYSTEM, 1 Introduction: National Capitals and City Tourism (Robert Maitland),2 City Tourism: National Capital Perspectives (Robert Maitland and Brent W. Ritchie),IMAGING AND BRANDING, 3 The Capital City as a 'Product' Brand Under the Nation's Corporate Umbrella (Heather Skinner), 4 Images of Canberra: Destination Marketing and the Capital City of Australia (Leanne White), 5 Migrating Capitals: Diverging Images of Tradition and Modernity in Japanese (Jerry Eades and Malcolm Cooper), 6 Branding and Positioning an African Capital City: The Case of Tshwane in South Africa (Ernie Heath and Elizabeth Kruger), VISITOR EXPERIENCES, 7 Inside the Triangle: Images of a Capital (Bruce Hayllar, Deborah Edwards, Tony Griffin, Tracey Dickson), 8 Seeing the Sites - Perceptions of London (Nancy Stevenson and Charles Inskip), 9 Changing Visitor Perceptions of a Capital City - the Case of Wellington, New Zealand (Abel Alonso and Liu Yi), 10 The Relationship Between Capital City Monumentality and Tourism in Valletta (Andrew Smith), TOURISM MARKETS, 11 Brussels: A Multilayered Capital City (Myriam Jansen-Verbeke and Robert Govers), 12 Putting the Capital 'C' into Cardiff's Identity as a Conference Tourism Destination (Claire Haven-Tang and Eleri Jones), 13 International Business Tourism - the Case of Dublin, 14 School Excursion Management in National Capital Cities (Brent W. Ritchie), TOURISM DEVELOPMENT, 15 Twenty-Three Districts in Search of a City: Budapest - the Capitaless Capital? (Melanie Smith, László Puczkó and Tamara Rátz), 16 Re-invented National Capital City: The case of Hanoi, Vietnam (Lee Jolliffe and Huong Thanh Bui), 17 Resurrecting Phoenicia: Tourist Landscapes and National Identity in the Heart of the Lebanese Capital (Ghada Masri),18 Diversifying the Tourism Product in Brussels: European Capital and Multicultural City (Anya Diekmann and Géraldine Maulet), 19 Modern Tourist Development and the Complexities of Cross-Border Identities within a Planned Capital Region (Guy Chiasson and Caroline Andrew), FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS, 20 Conclusions and Future Directions for National Capital Tourism (Robert Maitland and Brent W. Ritchie)

Robert Maitland

Robert Maitland teaches at the the Centre for Tourism Research, University of Westminster, UK.

Brent W. Ritchie

Brent W. Ritchie teaches at the University of Queensland, Australia.