Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Series Series 8

River Basin Trajectories

Societies, Environments and Development

August 2009
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    27th August 2009
  • ISBN 9781845935382
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Using a variety of case studies, this book provides an overview of how societies have gradually developed their water resources and furthers our understanding of how such resources can be managed successfully or unsuccessfully. Discussing how and why particular options are selected, and why a particular course of events eventually prevails, the book stresses the importance of context and a multidisciplinary approach in moving towards sustainable and equitable development.

"The book is very well written and presented.... However, as volume 8 in the Series Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture, it maintains the high standard of scholarship set by the International Water Management Institute."

Eric T. Craswell - , Journal of Experimental Agriculture

1 River Basin Trajectories: an Inquiry into Changing Waterscapes, 2 Squeezed Dry: the Historical Trajectory of the Lower Jordan River Basin, 3 Are Good Intentions Leading to Good Outcomes? Continuities in Social, Economic and Hydro-political Trajectories in the Olifants River Basin, South Africa, 4 From Half-full to Half-empty: the Hydraulic Mission and Water Overexploitation in the Lerma: Chapala Basin, Mexico, 5 Managing the Yellow River: Continuity and Change, 6 The Colorado River: What Prospect for ‘a River No More’?, 7 Sharing Scarce Resources in a Mediterranean River Basin: Wadi Merguellil in Central Tunisia, 8 Water Competition, Variability and River Basin Governance: a Critical Analysis of the Great Ruaha River, Tanzania, 9 Buying Respite: Esfahan and the Zayandeh Rud River Basin, Iran, 10 Rural Dynamics and New Challenges in the Indian Water Sector: the Trajectory of the Krishna Basin, South India, 11 Pumped Out: Basin Closure and Farmer Adaptations in the 238. Bhavani Basin in Southern India, 12 Much Ado about the Murray: the Drama of Restraining Water Use

François Molle

François Molle is a Senior Researcher at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Montpellier, France and holds a joint appointment with the International Water Management Institute (Sri Lanka)

Philippus Wester

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