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Experimental Statistics for Agriculture and Horticulture

December 2010
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    2nd December 2010
  • ISBN 9781845935375
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  • Pages 380 pp.
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Providing practical training supported by a sound theoretical basis, this textbook introduces students to the principles of investigation by experiment and the role of statistics in analysis. It draws on the author’s extensive teaching experience and is illustrated with fully worked contextualized examples throughout, helping the reader to correctly design their own experiments and identify the most appropriate technique for analysis. Subjects covered include sampling and determining sample reliability, hypothesis testing, relationships between variables, the role and use of computer packages such as Microsoft Excel, Toolpak and Genstat, and more complex experimental designs such as randomized blocks and split plots.

List of Examples
1. Introduction to Research by Experimentation
2. Descriptive Statistics
3. Data Distributions and Their Use
4. Populations, Samples and Sample Reliability
5. Inferential Statistics and Hypothesis Testing
6. Single-Sample and Two-Sample Parametric Tests
7. Analysis of Multi-sample Experiments
8. Analysis of Multi-factorial Experiments
9. Design and Analysis of More Complex Factorial Experiments
10. Non-Parametric Sample Comparison Tests
11. Correlation Analysis
12. Inspecting Relationships by Simple Linear Regression Analysis
13. Multiple Regression and Non-Linear Regression Analysis
14. Analysis of Frequency Data
15. Performing Statistical Analyses Using Computer Packages and Presenting Results
Appendix: Statistical Tables

Clive Ireland

Clive Ireland is at Writtle College, UK.