Tourism Strategies and Local Responses in Southern Africa

Edited by Petri Hottola
June 2009
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    25th June 2009
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Tourism growth is one of the primary drivers of economic development and is a core strategy at local and national levels to improve the lives of local communities. However, tourism can bring both advantages and disadvantages to communities and not all national strategies in tourism management are applicable or suitable in private, community-based and public sectors.

Tourism is used as a main instrument of nation building in many postcolonial countries such as Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Madagascar. Using case studies from these areas, this book examines the strategic objectives for tourism growth and how nationally-set objectives such as economic growth, increased employment, poverty reduction, black economic empowerment, environmental sustainability and reduction of regional inequalities work at the grassroots level. Challenging ongoing practices and providing new innovations for tourism development applicable to other developing countries, this study will be useful for both researchers and decision makers in tourism.

1. Tourism development strategies in Namibia - private and community perceptions on the national policy, 2. The effectiveness of tourism in achieving rural livelihoods and conservation in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, 3. Cultural tourism in Namibia - an investigation into unexplored prospects, 4. Development and management of Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg World Heritage Park - community perspectives, 5. Developing bird-tourism in coastal Namibia - postcolonial restraints and resources, 6. The interplay of local service suppliers and incoming tour operators - case Madagascar, 7. The polemic of ICT advocacy in Namibian schools for tourism development, 8. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the hospitality industry in Southern Africa, 9. Selling places, constructing localities - the role of Ovahimbas in tourism promotion and development in Northern Namibia, 10.Community-based catering services as a means to improve rural living conditions - the Hananwas of Blouberg, Limpopo Province, 11.Tourism strategies and local responses - conclusions from the Southern African experiences

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