Temperate and Subtropical Fruit Production Edition 3

January 2011
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    4th January 2011
  • ISBN 9781845935016
  • Language English
  • Pages 350 pp.
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Effective fruit production requires general knowledge of aspects of fruit husbandry such as nutrition, propagation, pruning and training, effects of climate and crop protection, as well as specific cultivation techniques for each fruit. Fully revised and expanded, this new edition provides a thorough introduction to the cultivation of fruit found throughout the temperate and subtropical regions of the world.

"Authoritative crop husbandry science books based on firsthand knowledge and experience are rare. Here is one such volume! … Consequently, books of this quality are much needed as primary guides of science-based fruit culture. It is of value to all sections of horticulture from growers to advisors to students, teachers and researchers. All serious horticulturists should have a copy on their bookshelves."

G. R. Dixon - , Journal of Agricultural Science

Praise for the second edition:
"This new publication represents a comprehensive update of temperate and subtropical fruit production practices in a structure and style which works well as both
a core pomology text and basic reference for these increasingly information intensive

- , HortTechnology

Part I: General Points on Fruit Husbandry
1 The Distribution of Fruits
2 Climate and Fruit Plants
3 Morphology and Growth of Woody Plants
4 Flowers and Fruit
5 Pruning and Training
6 Pruning and Training of Other Fruits
7 Producing and Marketing Quality Fruit
8 Use of Bioregulators in Fruit Production
9 Soils, Nutrients and Water
10 Crop Protection
11 Propagation of Fruit Plants
12 Machinery for Fruit Growing

Part II: Cultivation of Specific Fruits
13 Stonefruit,
14 Pome Fruits
15 Grapes
16 Berry Fruit
17 Citrus
18 Kiwifruit
19 Subtropical Fruit
20 Miscellaneous Fruit Crops
21 Edible Nuts

Norman Looney

Norman Looney is at the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre, Canada.

David Jackson

David Jackson is at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Michael Morley-Bunker

Michael Morley-Bunker is at Lincoln University, New Zealand.

Graham Thiele

Graham Thiele is formerly of Lincoln University, New Zealand.