April 2009
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    9th April 2009
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Agritourism describes the activity of holiday-making in rural areas, specifically for those seeking a rural experience. Activities can include wine tours, outdoor sports, participation in the rural lifestyle and local community, enjoyment of the natural environment and the opportunity to enjoy truly locally produced food. Agritourism forms a significant proportion of the tourism sector, and its growth is set to continue in both developed and developing countries.

The authors present the depth and variety of agritourism practiced around the world and cover all aspects of the economics and organization of agritourism. Topics discussed include agricultural economics, rural development, marketing, rural policy, different products and services available and the characteristics of agritourists.

Part I: An Introduction to the Economics of Agritourism
1. The concept of Agritourism
2. The economic and social importance of Agritourism
3. Multifunctional Development of rural areas
4. Agritourist space
Part II: The Economics and Management of Agritourism
5. Agritourism Ventures
6. Regulations of Agritourism activities
7. The organisation of an agritourism Farm
8. The economics of agritourism enterprises
9. Cooperation of agritourist events
10. Agritourist services and products
11. Agritourists
12. Agritourism markets
Part III: Agrotourist Entities and enterprises
13. Agrotouristic pillars
14. Facilitating Agritoursm
15. Accommodation
16. Mobility in agritourism
17. Agritourist farms and enterprises around the world
18. Agritourism on the edge
19. The agritourism characteristics of five countries of the world
Part IV: Conclusions
20. Agritourism Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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