Insect Pathogens

Molecular Approaches and Techniques

March 2009
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    17th March 2009
  • ISBN 9781845934781
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  • Pages 440 pp.
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Investigation of insect pathogens is vital to the understanding of biocontrol and insect management within an ecosystem. Faster and more accurate methods of identification and diagnosis have become possible with the implementation of molecular techniques. Advances in genomics and genetic engineering make this manual the most up to date handbook on insect pathogens, with the latest information on methods used to unravel the genomes of pathogens. The book is divided into four sections: Identification and Diagnostics, Evolutionary Relationships and Population Genetics, Genomics, and Genetic Engineering. It is essential reading for those studying and researching at the forefront of molecular science and biological management.

"This is essential reading for researchers and students in insect pathology, microbiology and biological control, as well as for all those studying and researching at the forefront of molecular biology."

- , OIE Bulletin

Section 1: Identification and Diagnostics
1. Protozoa
2. Viruses
3. Fungi
4. Nematodes
5. Bacteria

Section 2 : Phylogeny and Population Genetics Studies
6. Bacteria
7. Viruses
8. Fungi
9. Nematodes

Section 3: Host-Pathogen Interactions
10. Protozoa
11. Viruses
12. Fungi
13. Nematodes
14. Bacteria

Section 4: Genomics and Strain Improvement
15. Bacteria
16. Nematode Symbiotic Bacteria
17. Viruses
18. Fungi
19. Nematodes

S. Patricia Stock

Patricia Stock is a Professor at the University of Arizona. Her expertise is in insect pathology, with a focus on parasitic nematodes. Her work centers on the diversity, evolutionary relationships and symbioses these parasites have with their eukaryotic hosts and bacterial symbiotic partners.

Itamar Glazer

Itamar Glazer is a Researcher at the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), Volcani Center, Israel.

Noel Boemare

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John Vandenberg

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