People and Work in Events and Conventions

A Research Perspective

June 2009
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    9th June 2009
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The part of the tourism industry which covers events, conventions and meetings is a substantial part of the global economy and provides employment for a very large number of people worldwide. The breakdown of employees in this sector is complex - employees can be full-time, casual labor or part of a volunteer workforce, and events can be as diverse as the Olympic Games and a local meeting.

This book examines the role of people who work in events, meetings and conventions by looking at the context in which they work, and presenting theories, perspectives underlying trends of employment in this sector. Leading authors present international examples to further understanding of the concepts involved in people management in tourism events. This book will be an important resource for students and researchers of leisure, tourism and events management.

"The diverse array of current aspects and issues pertaining to the identified five areas of work and employment in the event sector, in conjunction with the international and multidisciplined perspectives offered in the book provide students, professionals and educators interested in People and Work in Events and Conventions with a timely and valuable resource."

Michelle Whitford, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Southern Cross University, Australia - , Annals of Leisure Research

1. Events, meetings and conventions: the work and employment context
2. Event Management Employment in Australia: a long-term nationwide project that investigated a variety of issues concerning labour trends in Australian event management
3. ‘Butterflying’ career patterns in events/ conventions
4. Service quality with PT/ casual events staff
5. High adrenalin work environments in events
6. Career analysis of convention professionals in Asia
7. HR perspectives on the management of events in Kenya
8. Contrasting events and hospitality education students
9. Managing the pulsating effect of employees at sport events
10. Employee retention strategies for event management
11. Career theory and episodic event employment
12. Managing volunteers to enhance the legacy potential of major events
13. Episodic experiences: volunteering flexibility in the events sector
14. Involving and keeping event volunteers: management insights
15. The psychology of sport event volunteerism: a review of volunteer motives, involvement and behaviour

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