Tourism, Recreation and Sustainability Edition 2

Linking Culture and the Environment

November 2008
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    28th November 2008
  • ISBN 9781845934705
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  • Pages 320 pp.
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Sustainable development is the single most important consideration for those working in the tourism industry. Presenting a discussion by leading contributors on the impacts of tourism on local culture and the environment, this new edition moves forward the debates in sustainable tourism, covering new locations, concepts and perspectives, and new case studies providing a global outlook for a universal issue.

Section 1: Integrating Environmental and Social Concerns over Tourism Development
Introduction. Pathways and pitfalls in the search for sustainable tourism
The role of recreation ecology in sustainable tourism and ecotourism
Ecotourism and nature-based tourism: one end of the tourism opportunity spectrum?
Sustainable development and the shifting composite of tourism stakeholders: toward a dynamic framework
Community forestry: countering excess visitor demands in Englands national parks
Nature preservation, sense of place and sustainable tourism: can the Yellowstone Experience survive?
Responsible tourism with great apes in Uganda

Section 2: Society, Recreation and Sustainable Tourism
Community perspectives in sustainable tourism: lessons from Peru
Sustainable tourism: the effect of local participation in Honduran ecotourism development
Self developed rural tourism: a method of sustainable tourism development
Sense of place as a component of sustainable tourism marketing
Casinos, communities and sustainable economic development
Expanding sustainable tourisms conceptualisation: ecotourism, volunteerism and serious leisure

Section 3: Sustainable Tourism Development: Some Applications
Evaluating achievement of sustainable tourism principles: the WWF Arctic Tourism Guidelines Initiative
Ecotourism: a theoretical framework and an Indonesian application
The perceptions of tourists and residents of sustainable tourism principles and environmental initiatives
Tourism, sustainability and the social milieu in Lake Superiors north shore and islands
Sustainable tourism in the 21st century: lessons from the past; challenges to address

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