Mason's World Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds and Breeding

Two Volume Set
April 2016
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    8th April 2016
  • ISBN 9781845934668
  • Language English
  • Pages 1200 pp.
  • Size 8.625" x 11"

Over thousands of years, animal husbandry--coupled with natural selection--has given rise to a great diversity of livestock breeds. A major new reference work, Mason's World Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds and Breeding describes breeds of livestock worldwide. It presents easily accessible information on domestication (including wild ancestors and related species), potential domesticants, genetics and breeding, livestock produce and markets, cultural and social aspects of livestock farming, genetic conservation, and the use of livestock for conservation grazing.

Written by two renowned livestock authorities, this volume draws on the authors' lifelong interest and involvement in livestock breeds of the world, presenting a unique, comprehensive, and fully cross-referenced guide to cattle, buffalo, horses, pigs, sheep, asses, goats, and camelids, placing them in a practical agricultural context.

The Encyclopedia will be of great value to agriculturalists, breeders, geneticists, biologists, rural historians, conservationists, ecologists, and all those who are interested in the rich diversity of livestock breeds.

Praise from the previous edition
“Mason’s offers well-organized, in-depth international coverage of livestock, identifying major breeds, listing existing and extinct breeds."


2. Introduction
3. Genetics, Breeding and Conservation
4. Asses
5. Camelids
6. Cattle
7. Goats
8. Horses
9. Pigs
10. Sheep
11. Water Buffalo
12. Yak
13. Other Livestock

Valerie Porter

Valerie Porter is a livestock author, living in West Sussex, UK.

Lawrence Alderson

Lawrence Alderson was born in Yorkshire on a Pennine hill farm, which followed a largely self-contained semi-organic system with pedigree livestock. He holds a degree in agricultural science from Cambridge University, with a post-graduate qualification in genetics, and during his time there also served as President of the Cambridge University Agricultural Society.

Alderson began his career lecturing in agricultural colleges, with a special interest in animal breeding and business management, before establishing his own company (Countrywide Livestock Ltd). As the owner of farms in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Northumberland, he has hands-on experience with rare equine, bovine and ovine breeds, and went on to found both Rare Breeds International and the Rare Breed Survival Trust. He has written extensively on rare breeds and genetic conservation throughout his career, including Mason’s World Encyclopedia of Livestock Breeds and Breeding. In 2004 he was recognized for his services to conservation with a CBE.

Now a member of the Defra FAnGR committee and delegate to ERFP (European Regional Focal Point) meetings, he is an international consultant on the conservation of animal genetic resources.

Stephen J. G. Hall

Stephen J. G. Hall is at Livestock Diversity Ltd., UK.

D. Phillip Sponenburg

D. Phillip Sponenburg is at Virginia Tech, USA.