Nutrition Promotion

Theories and methods, Systems and Settings

October 2008
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    21st October 2008
  • ISBN 9781845934637
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With the media highlighting the growing obesity epidemic in western society, dieticians, nutritionists, and other health professionals increasingly have to promote healthy eating to the general public. Although nutrition education has been established for decades, health promotion and media communication are now part of the toolkit needed to solve wide ranging nutritional issues that cause major health problems. Nutrition Promotion sets nutrition education firmly in a public health context and provides practical applications in a variety of settings and age groups. It draws on international research and theory, and includes international case studies and examples.

1. Introduction: the aims of nutrition promotion
2. Nutrition promotion in the food system
3. Food consumers
4. Nutrition problems and nutritionists’ responses
5. Theories and dietary change: Individual level theories
6. Theories and dietary change: Environmental Models
7. Change methods: designs and evaluation
8. Community nutrition promotion programs
9. Nutrition promotion for children and young adults
10. Nutrition promotion in worksites
11. Hospital and health servicebased programs
12. Nutrition promotion in the retail sector
13. Nutrition communication in the media

Tony Worsley

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