Ecotourism Series Series 2

Environmental Impacts of Ecotourism

Edited by Ralf C. Buckley
August 2008
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  • Published
    4th August 2008
  • ISBN 9781845934569
  • Language English
  • Pages 416 pp.
  • Size 6.875" x 9.75"
August 2004
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  • Published
    2nd August 2004
  • ISBN 9780851998107
  • Language English
  • Pages 416 pp.
  • Size 6.875" x 9.75"

All forms of tourism have impacts on the natural environment. The impacts of ecotourism tend to be concentrated in areas of the highest conservation value, hence the need to manage and minimize these. This comprehensive text considers the impact of off-road vehicles, recreational boats and activities such as hiking and camping on destination areas, as well as impacts particular to specific ecosystems such as marine, polar and mountain environments. It incorporates reviews of extensively studied impacts by well-known experts as well as recent research.

Now in paperback, this book will be an essential resource for tourism students, as well as researchers and industry practitioners.

* Impacts positive and negative: links between ecotourism and environment, Ralf Buckley
* The cost of getting there: impacts of travel to ecotourism destinations, David Simmons and Susanne Becken, Lincoln University, New Zealand
* Impacts of tourism-related in-migration: the Greater Yellowstone Region, Jerry Johnson, Montana State University, USA

* Impacts of hiking and camping on soils and vegetation, David Cole, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, USA
* Environmental impacts associated with recreational horse riding, David Newsome, Murdoch University, Australia, David Cole, and Jeff Marion, Patuxent Wildlife Research Centre, USA
* Environmental impacts of motorised off-highway vehicles, Ralf Buckley
* Impacts of tour boats in marine environments, Jan Warnken and Troy Byrnes, Griffith University, Australia

* Impacts of recreational power boating on freshwater ecosystems, Thorsten Mosisch, Moreton Bay Waterways and Catchment Partnership, Australia, and Angela Arthington, Griffith University, Australia
* Ecological impacts of tourism in terrestrial polar ecosystems, Bruce Forbes, University of Lapland, Finland, Christopher Monz, St. Lawrence University, USA, and Anne Tolvanen, University of Oulu, Finland
* Ecological impacts and management of tourist engagements with cetaceans, James Higham and David Lusseau, University of Otago, New Zealand
* Impacts of ecotourism on birds, Ralf Buckley
* Impacts of ecotourism on terrestrial wildlife, Ralf Buckley

* Environmentally sustainable trail management, Jeff Marion, and Yu-Fai Leung, North Carolina State University, USA
* Managing impacts of camping, Yu-Fai Leung, and Jeff Marion
* Visitor perceptions of recreation-related resource impacts, Robert Manning, Steven Lawson, Peter Newman, Megha Budruk, William Valliere, Daniel Laven and James Bacon, University of Vermont, USA
* Managing impacts of ecotourism through use rationing and allocation, Robert Manning
* Using Ecological Impact Measurements to Design Visitor Management, Ralf Buckley

* Reducing impacts through interpretation, Lamington National Park, Carolyn Littlefair, Griffith University, Australia
* Campsite impacts in Prince William Sound, Alaska USA, Christopher Monz, St. Lawrence University, USA, and Paul Twardock, Alaska Pacific University, USA
* The role of tourism in spreading dieback disease in Australian, Ralf Buckley, Narelle King and Tatia Zubrinich, Griffith University, Australia
* Instream bacteria as a low-threshold management indicator of tourist impacts in conservation reserves, Wiebke Warnken and Ralf Buckley, Griffith University, Australia
* Four-wheel drive vehicle impacts in the Central Coast Region of Western Australia, Julianna Priskin,The University of Western Australia, Australia
* Ecological impacts of ecotourist visitation on macroalgal beds in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Lilian Alessa, Andrew Kliskey and Martin Robards, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA
* Understanding use and users at Itatiaia National Park, Brazil, Teresa Magro, ESALQ/USP, Brazil, and Maria De Barros, Outward Bound Brasil, Brazil
* Impacts and management of hikers in Kavkazsky State Biosphere Reserve, Russia, Vera Chizhova, Moscow State University, Russia

Ralf C. Buckley

Ralf C. Buckley