Building Community Capacity for Tourism Development

Edited by Gianna Moscardo
August 2008
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    5th August 2008
  • ISBN 9781845934477
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
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Tourism has become an important tool for development in rural, remote and peripheral regions in the last 50 years. However, in many places, tourism has failed to produce the promised benefits and often caused negative impacts due to a lack of local entrepreneurial capacity to benefit from tourism business opportunities, inadequate understanding of tourism markets and limited community awareness of tourism and its impacts. Drawing attention to the potential outcomes to communities when using tourism as a development strategy, this book provides a focused analysis of this emerging issue and positive guidance on improving the process of tourism planning and development. Chapters compile evidence and examples of how community capacity for tourism can be built and enhanced using case studies from Asia, Africa, South America, the South Pacific and rural Australia and the United States. Providing models and frameworks that can be applied to any developing area, this book will be useful to both academic researchers and government policy makers interested in tourism and rural development.

"This volume is very useful and I shall certainly be recommending it to colleagues and students."

- LSA newslatter

Part I: Improving Knowledge of Tourism Development and It’s Impacts
Community Capacity Building An Emerging Challenge for Tourism Development
Enhancing the Economic Benefits of Tourism at the Local Level
Understanding How Tourism can bring Socio-cultural Benefits to Destination Communities
Linking a Sense of Place with a Sense of Care: Overcoming Sustainability Challenges Faced by Remote Communities

Part II: Improving Community Knowledge of Tourism Development
Community based Tourism in Asia
Examples of Effective techniques for Enhancing Community Understanding of Tourism
Tools to Enhance Community Capacity to Critically Evaluate Tourism Activities

Part III: Improving Community Participation in Tourism Development
Partnerships for Tourism Development
Enhancing Participation of Women in Tourism
Entrepreneurship and the Rural Tourism Industry: A Primer
Perspectives on Leadership Coaching for Regional Tourism Managers and Entrepreneurs
Capacity Building Through Cooperation

Gianna Moscardo

Gianna Moscardo is at James Cook University, Australia.