Ecotourism Series Series 6

Ecotourism and Conservation in the Americas

Edited by A Stronza and W H Durham
August 2008
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    27th August 2008
  • ISBN 9781845934002
  • Language English
  • Pages 208 pp.
  • Size 6.875" x 9.75"

Using detailed case studies and regional overviews, Ecotourism and Conservation in the Americas presents the views and experiences of scholars, practitioners, tour operators, and policy makers involved in ecotourism programs in the U.S. and Latin America. The pros and cons of ecotourism for communities and ecosystems are explored, with particular attention paid to the ability of ecotourism to support sustainable development and conservation. The synthesis is inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and multi-scale and presents ecotourism as it is currently being practiced.

1.The Bold Agenda for Ecotourism, 2. Ecotourism and Conservation: The Cofan Experience, 3. An Ecotourism Partnership in the Peruvian Amazon, 4. Ecotourism and Marine Protected Areas in a Time of Climate Change, 5. Fishing for Solutions: Conservation and Ecotourism in Galapagos National Park, 6. A Montana Lodge and the Case for a Broadly Defined Ecotourism, 7. Can Responsible Travel Exist in a Developed Country?, 8. Heritage Interpretation vs. Environmental Education as an Ecotourism Conservation Strategy, 9. Educating Ecotourists: Lessons from the Field, 10. Indigenous People and Conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon, 11. The Ecotourism Equation: Do Economic Benefits Equal Conservation?, 12. Protected Areas and Tourism in Cuba, 13. Ecotourism and Ecolodge Development in the 21st Century, 14. An Ecotourism Project Analysis and Evaluation Framework for International Development Donors, 15. Setting Standards: Certification Programs for Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism, 16. The Challenge Ahead: Reversing Vicious Cycles through Ecotourism

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