Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Series Series 6

Conserving Land, Protecting Water

Volume 6
July 2008
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    21st July 2008
  • ISBN 9781845933876
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  • Pages 256 pp.
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The degradation of land and water resources resulting primarily from agricultural activities has had enormous impact on human society. In order to alleviate this problem, an advanced understanding of the state of our resources and the process of degradation is needed. Conserving Land, Protecting Water includes an overview of existing literature focusing on global patterns of land and water degradation and discussions of new insights drawn from successful case studies on reversing soil and water degradation and their impact on food and environmental security.

Part 1: Land and Water Degradation: Assessment and Issues 1. Land and water management for food and environmental security, 2. Land degradation and water productivity in agricultural landscapes, 3. Land Degradation and Resilience, 4. Political ecologies in natural resources management, 5. Large scale fluxes of crop nutrients in food cause environmental problems at the sources and at the sinks, 6. Carbon sequestration, land degradation and water: CDM A/R projects under the Kyoto protocol

Part 2: Towards Better Land and Water Management 7. Local Innovation in ‘Green Water’ Management, 8. Sustainability and Resilience of the Urban Agricultural Phenomenon in Africa, 9. WOCAT: Making local experiences in soil and water management available at the global, 10. Basin approaches to water management. 11. Landscape management for sustainable water use in the countryside, 12. Investment in collective capacity/social capital

Part 3. ‘ Bright Spots’ 13. ‘Bright spots’: Pathways to ensuring food security and environmental integrity, 14. Ecosystem benefits of ‘Bright Spots’

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