Areawide Pest Management

Theory and Implementation

February 2008
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    25th February 2008
  • ISBN 9781845933722
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  • Pages 480 pp.
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Pest management has long been a problem for farmers worldwide and new techniques are continually being developed to reduce the adverse effects of pest populations. The use of areawide pest management has increased dramatically over the past decade and offers potential advantages to traditional and more localized approaches. Suppression over a broad area can reduce re-infestation of previously treated areas and the specific pest management techniques may be more effective when applied over larger areas. Providing the first comprehensive discussion of areawide pest management, this book will explore the theoretical development and implementation of techniques from a worldwide perspective. Areas covered include history and development, biological and ecological impacts and recent case studies of pest management programs.

1. General Introduction to Areawide Pest Management
2. History and Ecological Basis
3. Establishing Interagency, Multi-Disciplinary Areawide Pest Management Programs
4. Dispersal and Migration of Insects and Their Importance in Pest Management
5. A Landscape Perspective in Managing Vegetation for Beneficial Plant-Pest- Natural Enemy Interactions
6. Social and Economic Aspects
7. Environmental Monitoring
8. The Role of Databases
9. Codling Moth Areawide Integrated Pest Management
10. Corn Rootworm Areawide Pest Management in the Mid-Western United States
11. Grape Areawide Pest Management in Italy
12. Stored-Grain Insect Areawide Integrated Pest Management
13. Aphid Alert: How it Came to be, What it Achieved, and Why it Proved Unsustainable
14. Areawide Suppression of Fire Ants
15. Saltcedar Areawide Pest Management in the Western United States
16. The Hawaii Fruit Fly Areawide Pest Management Program
17. Areawide Pest Management for Non-Rice Food Crops in Southeast Asia
18. Areawide Rice Insect Pest Management: A Perspective of Experiences in Asia
19. Areawide Pest Management of Cereal Aphids in Dryland Wheat Systems of the Great Plains
20. Boll Weevil Eradication, An Areawide Pest Management Effort
21. Current Approaches to Areawide Integrated Pest Management, Obstacles and Future Directions

Opender Koul

Opender Koul is with the Insect Biopesticide Research Centre, India.

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