Dairy Goats, Feeding and Nutrition

December 2007
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    18th December 2007
  • ISBN 9781845933487
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  • Pages 320 pp.
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Dairy goats have long been considered an important source of income for rural populations, providing the opportunity for profitable and sustainable diversity for small farms. Their importance is also increasing in intensive feeding systems and in large farms. They are highly adaptable due to their unique feeding habits and have become popular livestock animals in a range of environments, from temperate grasslands to subtropical, semi-arid and mountainous areas. Moreover, goat milk products are finding a growing acceptance in the world market and research has increased in feeding strategies for improved productivity and quality. Examining all aspects of dairy goat feeding and nutrition, this book represents a long awaited review of recent scientific research and updated techniques. Chapters discuss aspects such as the modeling and production of goat's milk as well as the estimation of nutrient requirements and food intake of goats.

Nutrition and Quality of Goat Milk, Mathematical Modelling of Goat Lactation Curves, Lipids of Goats Milk: Origin, Composition and Main Sources of Variation, Protein Components of Goat Milk, Aromatic and Nutritonal Quality of Goat Milk, Energy and Protein Requirements of Goats, Feed Intake, Feeding Behaviour and Intake of Goats Browsing on Mediterranean Shrublands, Grazing Management of Dairy Goats on Mediterranean Herbaceous Pastures, Feeding Management of Dairy Goats in Intensive Systems, Goat Nutrition for Fibre Production, Metabolic and Nutritional diseases

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