Tourism Management

Analysis, Behaviour and Strategy

December 2007
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    18th December 2007
  • ISBN 9781845933234
  • Language English
  • Pages 592 pp.
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Planning and implementing successful tourism programs require in depth predictions of tourist behavior. However, the actions of tourists are not always based upon conscious thinking and decision-making and therefore more realistic and practical management strategies are needed. Tourism Management provides an in-depth coverage of sense making, planning, implementing, evaluating and administering tourism marketing and management programs. Recent advances in tourism theory and research on causal history and ecological systems are used to discuss how leisure and tourism occurs. This book offers useful descriptions, tools and examples of tourism management decision-making.

Part 1: Introduction to Advancing Tourism Management, Part 2: Scanning and Sense Making, Part 3: Planning, Part 4: Implementing, Part 5: Evaluating Actions/Process and Performance Outcomes, Part 6: Administering.

Arch G. Woodside

Arch G. Woodside

Drew Martin

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