Non Chemical Weed Management

Principles, Concepts and Technology

November 2007
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    26th November 2007
  • ISBN 9781845932909
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Following several decades of popularity after the Second World War, the use of synthetic herbicides is now experiencing a backlash within the agriculture industry. The increase in organic farming and concerns about potential negative effects on human health and the environment is creating a demand for pesticide-free food and alternative weed management techniques. International research has now explored the potential, limitations and impacts of non-chemical alternatives and the effect of different strategies on the entire agro- or natural ecosystem. Through the re-evaluation of techniques previously considered uneconomical or impractical, this text provides a comprehensive examination of non-chemical weed management.

1. Prevention Strategies in Weed Management
2. Understanding Weed-crop Interactions to Manage Weed Problems
3. Cultural Weed Management
4. Cover Crops and Weed Management
5. Allelopathy, a Potential Tool in the Development of Strategies for Biorational Weed Management
6. Biological Control of Weeds Using Arthropods
7. Bioherbicides for Weed Control
8. Mechanical Weed Management
9. Use of Non-living Mulches for Weed Control
10. Thermal Weed Control
11. Soil Solarization and Weed Management
12. Non-chemical Weed Management: Synopsis, Integration, and the Future

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