International Research on Natural Resource Management

Advances in Impact Assessment

November 2007
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    8th November 2007
  • ISBN 9781845932831
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Over the past two decades, significant investment has been made into agriculture-related natural resource management research in developing countries. With investors beginning to request the impact of their investments in this research, a review was needed on the economic, social and environmental effects of these projects. Stemming from an effort to address these concerns, this collection of case studies establishes a methodological foundation for impact assessments of NRMR through a discussion of research conducted by the CGIAR around the world. Both micro- and macroprojects are examined to consider the results of these agricultural and development programs at the farm level as well as on a regional scale.

1. Introduction: the aims of nutrition promotion
2. Nutrition promotion in the food system
3. Food consumers
4. Nutrition problems and nutritionists’ responses
5. Theories and dietary change: Individual level theories
6. Theories and dietary change: Environmental Models
7. Change methods: designs and evaluation
8. Community nutrition promotion programs
9. Nutrition promotion for children and young adults
10. Nutrition promotion in worksites
11. Hospital and health servicebased programs
12. Nutrition promotion in the retail sector
13. Nutrition communication in the media

Hermann Waibel

Hermann Waibel is at Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany.

David Zilberman

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