Poisonous Plants

Global Research and Solutions

June 2007
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    18th June 2007
  • ISBN 9781845932732
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  • Pages 570 pp.
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Despite decades of research, poisonous plants continue to be responsible for large economic losses to livestock producers throughout the world. As the expansion into rural areas and the use of rangelands increases, an understanding of plant toxicology has become ever more important. This book represents the product of a wide-range of research aimed at solving the various issues surrounding poisonous plants. Broader themes include plant biochemistry, toxic effects in animals and humans, and rangeland management approaches to prevent poisoning amongst others. Individual chapters address plant animal relationships, various classes of secondary plant compounds, isolation, identification and effects of these toxins on biological mammalian systems and analytical methods, diagnostic tools and management strategies for plant toxicoses in animals and humans.

Overview * General/Case Reports * Liver * Reproduction * Treatment * CNS * Kidney, GI, Immunology * Management * Diagnosis * Chemistry * Mycotoxins * Herbal Products

Kip Panter

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Terrie L. Wierenga

Terrie L Wierenga is at USDA-ARS Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory, USA.

James Pfister

James Pfister is at USDA-ARS Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory, USA.