Biological Control

A Global Perspective

August 2007
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    20th August 2007
  • ISBN 9781845932657
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Biological control, the management of pests by the use of living organisms, has a long history of application to agriculture around the world. However, the effective use of beneficial organisms is constrained by environmental, legal and economic restrictions, forcing researchers to adopt increasingly multi-disciplinary techniques in order to deploy successful biological control programs. It is this complex process, including the mindset and the social environment of the researcher as well as the science being pursued, that this book seeks to capture. Chapters reveal the experiences of scientists from the initial search for suitable control agents, to their release into ecosystems and finally to the beneficial outcomes which demonstrate the great success of biological control across diverse agro-ecosystems. Drawing together historical perspectives and approaches used in the development of biological control, as well as outlining current debates surrounding terminology and differential techniques, Biological Control: A Global Perspective will be a valuable resource.

"Without any doubt, this book provides a huge volume of extremely important information and therefore will be a valuable source…of invaluable information from the field of ecologically sound pest management."

- Journal of Plant Protection Research

"The selected studies, contributed by a global contingent of scientists, have been edited into absorbing chapters devoid of jargon, stripped to the essentials, and often touching on the human, economic, and entrenched mindset realities of discovering, refining, and attempting to commercialize biocontrol systems...There are many publications on the biocontrol bookshelf, but for readers with an interest in biocontrol, a chunk of its history, and a taste for human and scientific adventure, this 2007 title stands out as a highly palatable and fascinating read."

- IPM News

* Classical Biocontrol Programs
* Using Macro-organisms
* Using micro-organisms
a) Bacteria
b) Fungi
c) Viruses
* Conservation biocontrol programs
* Networking in Biocontrol

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