Royal Entomological Society Series

Insect Conservation Biology

June 2007
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    27th June 2007
  • ISBN 9781845932541
  • Language English
  • Pages 464 pp.
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In an age of unprecedented human impact on the environment, insect conservation biology is of increasing importance. Due to their abundance, diversity and rapid response to environmental changes, insects are also valuable indicators of wider biodiversity, and make excellent models for conservation research and monitoring. Over 50 international experts have contributed to this authoritative and up-to-date compendium, covering many topics including climate change, habitat management, ecosystem processes, conservation genetics, impact of GM technology, and the integration of insects into wider conservation agendas.

* Insect Conservation in Temperate Biomes: Issues, Progress and Prospects
* Insect Conservation in Tropical Forests
* The Conservation Value of Insect Breeding Programs: Rationale, Evaluation Tools and Example Programme Case Studies
* What Have Red Lists Done for Us? The Values and Limitations of Protected Species Listing for Invertebrates
* Species Conservation and Landscape Management: A Habitat Perspective
* Implementing Ecological Networks for Conserving Insect and Other Biodiversity
* Insects and Bioindication: Theory and Progress
* Insect Populations in Fragmented Habitats
* Monitoring Biodiversity: Measuring Long-term Changes in Insect Abundance
* The Conservation of Ecological Interactions
* Insects and Climate Change: Processes, Patterns and Implications for Conservation
* Conservation Genetics for Insects
* Broadening Benefits to Insects from Wider Conservation Agendas
* The Extinction of Experience - A Threat to Insect Conservation?
* Insects as Providers of Ecosystem Services: Crop Pollination and Pest Control
* Insect Conservation in Agricultural Landscapes
* Genetically Modified Crops and Insect Conservation
* Insect Conservation: Progress and Prospects

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