The Biology of Mosquitoes

Volume 3 — Transmission of Viruses and Interactions with Bacteria
March 2012
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    1st March 2012
  • ISBN 9781845932428
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This latest volume of The Biology of Mosquitoes addresses fundamental aspects of the interactions between mosquitoes and the viruses and bacteria that infect them, bringing together the latest information and older important findings from the lab and the field, providing readers with the broadest coverage available anywhere on the subject. Following an introduction that reviews developments in the taxonomy and nomenclature of aedine mosquitoes, chapters describe host-parasite interactions and mosquito immune responses to their pathogens and bacteria, the characteristics of arboviruses and viruses infecting only mosquitoes, the transmission and epidemiology of the most important arboviruses, and the interactions between mosquitoes and three bacteria identified as potential means of controlling mosquito populations and disease spread.

A three Volume Biology of Mosquitoes set is available: 9781845938376 $618.00
Volume 1: Development, Nutrition and Reproduction 9780851993744
Volume 2: Sensory Reception and Behaviour 9780851993133
Volume 3: Transmission of Viruses and Interactions with Bacteria 9781845932428

From reviews of the previous volumes:
"The Biology of Mosquitoes will form an essential source for years to come. Professor Clements’ masterly compilation constitutes an indispensable guide for all culicidologists, whether their interests be academic or applied."

Philip Corbet - Antenna: Bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society

(continued from Volume 2)

Introduction: The traditional and revised classifications of aedine mosquitoes

41. Host-parasite interactions
42. Immune responses of mosquitoes
43. Viruses that are not arboviruses
44. Arboviruses - characteristics and concepts
45. Arboviruses - case studies of transmission
Transmission of Eastern equine encephalitis virus
Transmission of dengue viruses
Transmission of yellow fever virus
Transmission of Japanese encephalitis virus
Transmission of La Crosse virus
Transmission of Rift Valley fever virus
Transmission of West Nile virus
46. Pathogenic and symbiotic bacteria
Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis
Lysinibacillus sphaericus
Wolbachia pipientis

Alan N. Clements

Alan N. Clements is Emeritus Professor of Medical Entomology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.