Agricultural Biotechnology and Intellectual Property

Seeds of Change

June 2007
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    14th June 2007
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Scientists are becoming progressively more involved in developing methods for increasing agricultural productivity and designing plants with certain qualities. As such, genetic engineering has given plant breeders a means to exercise property rights over different varieties of plants. This has created many implications and given way to much controversy, with most objections being raised against the idea of owning life. With the use of comparative studies, this book discusses the legal, agribusiness and public policy issues that connect intellectual property protection with advancements in agricultural biotechnology.

The Agricultural Biotechnology for Sustainable Productivity Project: a New Model in Collaborative Development
• Needs and Potential Uses of Agricultural Biotechnology: Perspectives of Developing Countries
• Addressing Agricultural Development in Egypt through Genetic Engineering
• The Release of Transgenic Varieties in Centres of Origin: Effect on Biotechnology Research and Development Priorities in Developing Countries
• Current Status of Agricultural Biotechnology Research in Indonesia
• Agricultural Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Role of Biotechnology, C G Ndiritu and

The Application of Biotechnology to Food Security Crops
• Development of Insect-resistant Maize and Its Potential Benefits to Developing Countries,
• The Application of Biotechnology to Potato
• Development of Virus-resistant Sweetpotato
• The Application of Biotechnology to Rice

The Application of Biotechnology to Non-Traditional Crops
• Current Advances in the Biotechnology of Bananas
• The Application of Biotechnology to Date Palm
• The Use of Coat Protein Technology to Develop Virus-resistant Cucurbits
• The Biotechnology of Oil Palm

Issues Surrounding the Development, Transfer, Adaptation, and Utilization of Agricultural Biotechnology for Emerging Nations
• Making a Difference: Considering Beneficiaries and Sustainability while Undertaking Research in Biotechnology
• Rice Biotechnology Capacity Building in Asia
• International Biosafety Regulations: Benefits and Costs
• Cassava Biotechnology Research: Beyond the Toolbox
• Fundación Perú: a Path to Capacity Building

Developing and Accessing Agricultural Biotechnologies: International, US and Developing Country Issues, Perspectives and Experiences
• Transferring Agricultural Biotechnology: US Public/Private Sector Perspectives
• International Intellectual Property and Genetic Resource Issues Affecting Agricultural Biotechnology
• Developing Capacity and Accessing Biotechnology Research and Development (R&D) for Sustainable Agriculture and Industrial Development in Zimbabwe
• The Technology Transfer System in Thailand
• Trade in Conventional and Biotechnology Agricultural Products

Can Developing Countries Turn Biotech into Business? Moving Research Results into Products
• Wild Biodiversity: the Last Frontier?
• Developing an Agricultural Biotechnology Business: Perspective from the Front Lines

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