Seed Dispersal

Theory and its Application in a Changing World

August 2007
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    30th August 2007
  • ISBN 9781845931650
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  • Pages 720 pp.
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Fresh concepts in the study of seed dispersal are spurring a host of exciting new questions, new answers to old questions, new methods and approaches, and a reinvigoration of the field.Seed Dispersal: Theory and its Application in a Changing World presents both recent advances and reviews of current knowledge demonstrating the vigour and vibrancy of the field. It provides new perspectives and directions at a time when efforts to meet growing environmental challenges threatening natural systems are of utmost importance.

SECTION A: Frugivores and frugivory

SECTION B: Seed and seedling shadows

SECTION C: Seed fate and establishment

SECTION D: Management implications

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David A. Westcott

David A. Westcott teaches at Utah State University.