Ecotourism Series Series 3

Indigenous Ecotourism

Sustainable Development and Management

August 2006
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    29th August 2006
  • ISBN 9781845931247
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Dealing with indigenous ecotourism as a special type of nature-based tourism, Indigenous Ecotourism examines the key principles of this field through global case studies and analyzes the key factors for sustainable development.

The Context of Indigenous Ecotourism
The Pacific Islands: Village-Based Ecotourism in Community Rainforests
Latin America: Rainforest Ecotourism, Andes Mountains and Indian Territories
East Africa: Wildlife and Forest Ecotourism, the Maasai and Community Lands
Southern Africa: Ecotourism on Wildlife Conservancies and Communal Lands
West Africa: Community-Based Ecotourism in Forest Areas
Southeast Asia: Forest and Mountain Ecotourism, Hilltribes and Island Nations
Sustainable Development and Management of Indigenous Ecotourism

H D  Zeppel

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