Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Series Series 2

Environment and Livelihoods in Tropical Coastal Zones

Managing Agriculture- Fishery-Aquaculture Conflicts

July 2006
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    3rd July 2006
  • ISBN 9781845931070
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  • Pages 336 pp.
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This book focuses on the challenges people face in managing agricultural crops, aquaculture, fisheries and related ecosystems in areas of coastal zones in the tropics of Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Challenges arise from conflicts in the use of natural resources among different stakeholders. Through many case studies, the book discusses the nature of these conflicts and identifies what is known and not known about how to manage them. Case studies include: trade-offs between enhancing agricultural production and maintenance of rural livelihoods and aquatic biodiversity, lessons learnt from the conversion of mangrove forests to shrimp farms.

* Land and Water Management in Coastal Zones: Dealing with Agriculture-Aquaculture-Fishery Conflicts
* Adapting to Aquaculture in Vietnam: Securing Livelihoods in a Context of Change in Two Coastal Communities
Livelihood Systems and Dynamics of Poverty in a Coastal Province of Vietnam
* Social and Environmental Impact of Rapid Change in the Coastal Zone of Vietnam: an Assessment of Sustainability Issues
* Brackish-Water Shrimp Cultivation Threatens Permanent Damage to Coastal Agriculture in Bangladesh
* Coastal Water Resource Use for Higher Productivity: Participatory Research for Increasing Cropping Intensity in Bangladesh
* Coastal Shrimp Farming in Thailand: Searching for Sustainability
* Tracing the Outputs from Drained Acid Sulphate Floodplains to Minimize Threats to Coastal Lakes
* From Conflict to Industry-Regulated Best Practice Guidelines: a Case Study of Estuarine Floodplain Management of the Tweed River of Eastern Australia
* Mangrove Dependency and the Livelihoods of Coastal Communities in Thailand
* Mangroves, People and Cockles: Impacts of the Shrimp-Farming Industry on Mangrove Communities in Esmeraldas Province
* Interrelations among Mangroves, the Local Economy and Social Sustainability: A Review from a Case Study in North Brazil
* Mangrove: Changes and Conflicts in Claimed Ownership, Uses and Purposes
* Comparing Land-Use Planning Approaches in the Coastal Mekong Delta of Vietnam
* Applying the Resource Management Domain (RMD) Concept to Land and Water Use and Management in the Coastal Zone: Case Study of Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam
* Developing a Consultative Bayesian Model for Integrated Management of Aquatic Resources: an Inland Coastal Zone Case Study
* Aquatic Food Production in the Coastal Zone: Data-Based Perceptions on the Trade-off between Mariculture and Fisheries Production of the Mahakam Delta and Estuary, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
* Managing Diverse Land Uses in Coastal Bangladesh: Institutional Approaches
* Widening Coastal Managers’ Perceptions of Stakeholders through Capacity Building
* Can Integrated Coastal Management Solve Agriculture-Fisheries-Aquaculture Conflicts at the Land-Water Interface? A Perspective from New Institutional Economics
* Responding to Coastal Poverty: Should We Be Doing Things Differently or Doing Different Things?
* Achieving Food and Environmental Security: Better River Basin Management for Healthy Coastal Zones

Chu T. Hoanh

Chu T. Hoanh Is at the International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka.

To P. Tuong

To P. Tuong

John W. Gowing

John W. Gowing

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