Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use

December 2007
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    18th December 2007
  • ISBN 9781845930998
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Crop wild relatives (CWR) are species closely related to crop plants which can contribute beneficial traits, such as pest or disease resistance and yield improvement. These species are critical for improving agricultural production and increasing food security. They are also essential components of natural and semi-natural habitats as well as agricultural systems, and are therefore vital in maintaining ecosystem health. However, CWR, like any other group of wild species, are subject to an increasing range of threats: habitat loss, degradation and mismanagement, over-collection and climate change. Through an examination of the national, regional and global context of CWR, these authoritative studies present methodologies and case studies that review and provide recommendations for global conservation and use. Topics range from the establishment of conservation priorities and strategies, threat assessment and genetic erosion and pollution.

"[A]n excellent and comprehensive review and integration of the latest information about crop wild relatives."

- Plant Protection Science

Nigel Maxted

Nigel Maxted teaches at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Brian V. Ford-Lloyd

Brian V. Ford-Lloyd is at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Shelagh P Kell

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Jose M. Iriondo

Jose M. Iriondo is at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.

Mohammad E. Dulloo

Mohammad E. Dulloo is at FAO, Italy.

J  Turok

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