E' Issues in Agribusiness

The What, Why and How

July 2006
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    3rd July 2006
  • ISBN 9781845930714
  • Language English
  • Pages 384 pp.
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This book looks into the "what" is electronically-enabled agribusiness? "Why"would an agribusiness want to embrace it? And "how" does one go about doing it? The book pulls together a number of major issues facing people moving into the electronically enabled agribusiness environment.

This book is both an introduction to electronic business issues and a comprehensive guide to more detailed business processes and strategic planning matters associated with the technologies involved. In particular the following key areas are addressed, concepts, technology in business, e-enabled business models and e-strategies, management concepts and innovative education.

* Introduction – The Balancing Act
* An Agribusiness in the eLandscape
* Creating Value in the ‘E’ Agribusiness World * The KID Triangle – Knowledge, Information and Data in the‘E’ World
* Agri-food Chains in the ‘E’ World
* Managing Uncertainty in the ‘E’ World
* Food Tracking and Traceability in the ‘E’ World
* Is the Agribusiness ‘E’ Ready?
* The Practicalities of ‘Making It Happen’
* EGovernance and Legal Issues in the ‘E’ World
* Final Thoughts – Future Proofing

K P  Bryceson

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