Growing Older

Tourism and Leisure Behaviour of Older Adults

October 2006
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    24th October 2006
  • ISBN 9781845930653
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  • Pages 240 pp.
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Tourism is big business, especially for older people. With the senior market becoming increasingly targeted by marketers and travel companies, both operators and leisure service providers need to be knowledgeable and sensitive to the particular characteristics, special needs and requirements of the senior market. The purpose of this book is to provide the latest research about these characteristics, tourist behaviors and leisure needs of baby boomers, seniors and older people generally and how to effectively market to this expanding group in the future.

"This book is a significant addition to the literature and knowledge of the senior tourist market."

- Tourism Society

Tourism and Leisure Needs of Older Adults motivations and Constraints to Tourism and Leisure for Older Adults
Socio-Demographic Variables Associated with Tourism, Leisure and Ageing
Contemporary Trends in International Tourism and Travel for Older Adults
Information Sources on Tourism and Travel for Older People
Modes of Tourism and Leisure Travel by Older Adults
Different Travel Markets - Group Package Tours for Older Adults
Different Travel Markets - Adventure Tourism and the Baby Boomer Generation
Different Travel Markets - Educational Tourism and Older Adults
Tourism and Leisure Needs of Older Adults in Retirement Communities
Conclusions and Recommendations

Ian Patterson

Ian Patterson was formerly at the University of Queensland, Australia.