Farm Animal Medicine and Surgery for Small Animal Veterinarians Edition 2

March 2024
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    5th March
  • ISBN 9781800625044
  • Language English
  • Pages 248 pp.
  • Size 7" x 9"
  • Images color illus

Small animal veterinarians are increasingly taking on caseloads that include farm animals, with cases being presented by local hobby farmers, smallholders, and "novelty pet" owners. With the increase in veterinary telemedicine, they now also receive requests for advice electronically from owners further afield.

Recognizing this trend, this book provides a quick reference for small-animal orientated veterinarians in the basics of surgery and treatment of farm animals. Popular animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, camelids and backyard poultry are covered, and basic techniques such as anaesthesia, clinical examination techniques, breeding, surgery and euthanasia are discussed.

This new edition:

  • Expands on recent developments in all areas of medicine and surgery, covering advances such as the increased use of ultrasound across species and adding a new section on anthelmintics.
  • Provides updates on current major disease threats, as well as providing a One Health perspective.
  • Includes full color images to help bring the subject to life.
Ideal for looking up information during a consult, or for use as a refresher guide and continuing professional development resource, this book is an important tool for veterinarians in small and mixed practices.

1. Veterinary Equipment
2. Veterinary Medicines
3. Cattle Medicine
4. Cattle Surgery
5. Sheep and Goat Medicine
6. Sheep and Goat Surgery
7. South American Camelid Medicine
8. South American Camelid Surgery
9. Pig Medicine
10. Pig Surgery
11. Domestic Poultry Medicine and Surgery
12. Notifiable Diseases
13. Zoonotic Diseases

Graham R. Duncanson

Graham R. Duncanson is a farmer's son who qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1966 at Bristol University. He spent eight years working in Kenya before returning to the UK, and has been a general practitioner in Norfolk ever since. He is a passionate traveller and has taught and worked throughout the world. He has completed a doctorate on an investigation of the difficulties faced by practitioner researchers in publication, and is a regular writer in veterinary journals and other publications. He is currently an Equine and Farm Animal Practitioner at Westover Veterinary Centre, UK.

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