Experimental Design and Analysis for Tree Improvement Edition 3

April 2024
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    26th April
  • ISBN 9781800624504
  • Language English
  • Pages 192 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Experimental Design and Analysis for Tree Improvement provides a set of practical procedures to follow when planning, designing and analyzing tree improvement trials. Using examples, it outlines how to:

- design field, glasshouse and laboratory trials

- efficiently collect and construct electronic data files

- pre-process data, screening for data quality and outliers

- analyze data from single and across-site trials

- interpret the results from statistical analyses.

The authors address the many practical issues often faced in forest tree improvement trials and describe techniques that will give meaningful results. The techniques provided are applicable to the improvement of not only trees, but to crops in general.

This fully revised third edition includes the construction of p-rep and spatial designs using the commercially available software package for design generation (CycDesigN). For analysis of the examples, it provides online Genstat and SAS programs and a link to R programs.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Experimental planning and layout
Chapter 3. Data collection and pre-processing
Chapter 4. Experimental design
Chapter 5. Analysis across sites
Chapter 6. Variance components and genetics concepts
Chapter 7. Incomplete block designs
Chapter 8. Analysis of generalised lattice designs

Emlyn R. Williams

Dr. Emlyn R. Williams, a statistician with over 40 years' research experience, is at the forefront of statistical research into the construction and analysis of efficient experimental designs.

Chris E. Harwood

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A. Colin Matheson

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tree experimental design; forestry data analysis; forestry field trials; phenomics; glasshouse trials; greenhouse trials; Genstat; SAS code; R code; biostatistical analysis; biostatistics; agroforestry