Human-Animal Interactions in Zoos

Integrating Science and Practice

June 2024
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    4th June
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In the past couple of decades, Animal-Visitor Interactions (AVI), a type of Human-Animal Interaction (HAI), have become one of the major topics of interest for researchers working in zoos, especially in relation to animal welfare.

This thought-provoking book summarizes the latest research concerning the impacts on HAIs in zoos, including the effects of visitors on animals and the effects of animals, exhibits, and the place itself on visitors. The book:
• Explores the interactions of animals with keepers, veterinary professionals, and other staff, and the effects
of those interactions on the welfare of animals.
• Covers the effects of interactions on education and the visitor experience.
• Outlines the use of technology to enhance experience, and improve animal welfare.
• Details theoretical, ethical, and practical considerations relevant to HAIs in zoos.

1: An Introduction to Human-Animal Interactions in Zoos and Aquariums—Eduardo J. Fernandez and Sally L. Sherwen
Understanding HAIs in Zoos
2: The Ethics of Human-Animal Interactions at the Zoo—Bonnie M. Perdue and Terry L. Maple
3: Animal Visitor Interactions—Neil D’Cruze and Georgina Groves
4: Animal-Staff Interactions—Vicky Melfi, Samantha Ward, Chris Pawson and Geoff Hosey
5: Enhancing Visitor - Animal Interactions in the Modern Zoo: a designer’s perspective—Jon Coe
6: HAIs, Technology, and Release Programs in the Modern Zoo—Julia Hoy and Sarah Webber
The Visitor Effect
7: Assessing Visitor Effects on Zoo Animals—Mark James Learmonth and Paul H. Hemsworth
8: A conceptual model for understanding types of visitor effects and suggestions for improving visitor effects research—Ashley N. Edes, David M. Powell
9: The Visitor Effect in Primates—Geoff Hosey, Georgia Oaten, Samantha Ward and Vicky Melfi
10: The ‘visitor effect’ in non-primate zoo species: what do we know and where should we go next? — Ellen Williams, Violet Hunton, Samantha J. Ward and Geoff Hosey
The Visitor Experience
11: Measuring the Visitor Experience—Samantha J. Chiew, Mark J. Learmonth and Lauren M. Hemsworth
12 . Types of Visitor Experiences— Polly Doodson, Lucy Dumbell, Amanda D. Webber and Vicky Melfi
13: Maximising Zoological Education and Learning Experiences—Courtney Collins
14: Understanding and improving the visitor experience: how can we increase the positive social impact of animal-visitor interactions? —Emily M. McLeod, Kelly S. Fielding and Angela J Dean
15: Human-Animal Interactions in Zoos and Aquariums; Emerging themes and Next Steps—Sally L. Sherwen and Eduardo J. Fernandez

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animal behavior; animal consent; animal emotions; animal handlers; animal staff interactions; animal visitor interactions; animal welfare; animals and ethics; case studies; Ethology; human animal bond; human animal interactions; veterinary professionals; visitor education; visitor experience; zoo animals; zoo workers; conservation psychology