Creating Experience Value in Tourism Edition 2

December 2021
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    29th December 2021
  • ISBN 9781800621503
  • Language English
  • Pages 272 pp.
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July 2018
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    27th July 2018
  • ISBN 9781786395030
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  • Pages 272 pp.
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Research delivers a multitude of approaches to value creation, represented here as a set of definitions, perspectives, and interpretations of how tourists, as customers, create value alone and with others. Updated to include new studies, the second edition of Creating Experience Value in Tourism provides a clarification of these approaches as well as a practical translation as to how they can work within industry.

Including a framework to distinguish among key resources or antecedents of customer value, this new edition:
- Introduces the concept of co-creation of value in the tourist experience, looking at the definitions, structures and models available;
- Provides new chapters addressing stakeholder perspective and concretion, the role of the experience setting in creating experience, the connection between co-creation and subjective well-being and global perspectives on value creation;
- Considers consumer behavior and factors affecting value creation from both physiological and psychological perspectives.

Concluding with a summary of the areas for future research, this is a key resource for researchers, particularly those interested in experience value and co-creation, as well as a useful read for students of tourism and related industries.

"This book gives readers an overview of experience value creation in tourism. It is a useful reference in studies of the tourist experience and there are many useful perspectives. Lastly, as it is a quickly evolving research field, it is good to have a book that sums up the understandings that currently circulate around the topic."

Andreas Skriver Hansen

1. Co-Creation Of Tourist Experience: Scope, Definition And Structure
2. Dynamic Drivers Of Tourist Experiences
3. Tourist Experience Value: Tourist Experience And Life Satisfaction
4. Conceptualization Of Value Co-Creation In The Tourism Context
5. Oh Why, Oh Why, Oh Why Do People Travel Abroad?
6. Revisiting Self-Congruity Theory In Travel And Tourism
7. Moving People: A Conceptual Framework For Understanding How Visitor Experiences Can Be Enhanced By Mindful Attention To Interest
8. Co-Creation Of Experience Value: A Tourist Behaviour Approach
9. Authenticity As A Value Co-Creator Of Tourism Experiences
10. Experience Co-Creation Depends On Rapport-Building: Training Implications For The Service Frontline
11. Approaches For The Evaluation Of Visitor Experiences At Tourist Attractions
12. Storytelling In A Co-Creation Perspective
13. A Diy Approach To Creating Experience Value: Investigating Tourists’ Information Search
14. Co-Creation Of Value And Social Media: How?
15. Prices And Value In Co-Produced Hospitality And Tourism Experiences
16. Value Creation: A Tourism Mobilities Perspective
17. Guide Performance: Co-Created Experiences For Tourist Immersion
18. Value Creation And Co-Creation In Tourist Experiences: An East Asian Cultural Knowledge Framework Approach
19. Perspectives On Value Creation – Resource Configuration
20. Value Co-Creation: Challenges And Future Research Directions

Nina K. Prebensen

Nina K. Prebensen is a Professor at Buskerud and Vestfold University College and at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. She has published papers in various tourism journals. Her research focuses particularly on the tourist decision and experience processes, where co-creation of value for hosts and guests are in focus. Her teaching experiences include marketing, tourism marketing and management, service quality and branding strategies. Prebensen has been part of 25 business boards, and has a long history in co-operating with the tourism industry.

Joseph S. Chen

Joseph S. Chen is a faculty member of the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Studies at Indiana University at Bloomington. He has been identified by premier tourism/hospitality journals (Tourism Management and Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research) as one of the leading tourism scholars worldwide. He has received international research awards and fellowships including US Fulbright Senior Scholar.

Muzaffer S. Uysal

Muzaffer S. Uysal is a professor and chair in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management-Isenberg School of Management at University of Massachusetts. He is a member of International Academy for the Study of Tourism, the Academy of Leisure Sciences, and serves as co-founder of Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal. In addition, he sits on the editorial boards of more than ten journals, including Journal of Travel Research and Annals of Tourism Research. He has authored and co-authored numerous articles, monographs, and several books related to tourism research methods, tourist service satisfaction, tourism and quality-of-life, experience value in tourism, tourism-related scales, and management science applications in tourism and hospitality. Dr. Uysal has received a number of awards for research, excellence in international education, teaching excellence, and best paper awards. His current research interests focus on tourism demand/supply interaction, tourism development, and quality-of-life research in tourism.

authenticity; behavior; co-creation; culture; dynamic drivers; experiences; guide performance; information search; interest; mobility; motivation; network; operant resources; price; relationships; storytelling; tourism; Value creation