An Interprofessional Approach to Veterinary Nutrition

January 2024
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    19th January
  • ISBN 9781800621084
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In veterinary practice, the interface between veterinarians, veterinary nurses or technicians, and paraprofessional team members is crucial. It influences patient care, incidence of medical errors, client satisfaction, success of the veterinary practice and revenue generation. Ensuring a coherent approach to the maintenance of animal health and wellbeing is of paramount importance, yet challenges such as interprofessional prejudice, misunderstanding of motivations, and a lack of recognition, respect, empowerment or trust, can prevent best practice.

Nutrition is one of the most important considerations in the maintenance of health, and plays a critical role in disease management, patient recovery and hospital outcome; a reflection of its recognition as the fifth vital assessment. Owners are increasingly aware of the role of nutrition in optimizing pet health, yet considerable misinformation can make this one of the most difficult aspects of pet ownership. Playing a central role as a source of expert information, veterinary healthcare teams must rise to the challenge of optimizing pet nutrition.

Effective interprofessional communication and collaboration is considered a key factor in the successful implementation of nutritional assessment, and a positive team environment founded on respect, trust and mutual support helps overcome challenges and provide the best outcome for both pets and their owners. This book provides evidence-based theory in an accessible and practical way to help veterinary healthcare teams implement interprofessional approaches to nutritional care and support.

Rachel Lumbis

Rachel Lumbis is a Registered Veterinary Nurse whose research interests include small animal nutrition and interprofessional education. She completed the City and Guild's Certificate in Small Animal Nutrition in 2006 and helps to raise awareness of the importance of correct nutrition through veterinary and veterinary nurse education in the UK and, internationally, as a member of the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee and past member of the European Veterinary Nutrition Educators Group. She is a former Lecturer in Veterinary Nursing and Course Director for the VN BSc and FdSc programs at the Royal Veterinary College and one of the founding members of the RVC's interprofessional education team. She is an external examiner for veterinary nursing undergraduate programs at two universities, an examiner for the City and Guilds VN practical exams and an editorial board member for the international peer reviewed journal, The Veterinary Nurse. Rachel is currently applying for a PhD in Veterinary Medicine on the topic of small animal nutrition.

Tierney Kinnison

Tierney Kinnison is Lecturer in Veterinary Education in the LIVE Centre of the Royal Veterinary College and a member of the RVC's interprofessional education team. Her particular interests are veterinary education, research through qualitative and mixed methods, and developing interprofessional education within the RVC's curricula. Tierney undertook a PhD entitled: "Insights from Veterinary Interprofessional Interactions: Implications for Interprofessional Education (IPE) in the Veterinary Curricula" at the Institute of Education and Royal Veterinary College in 2012-2015.

companion animal nutrition; veterinary nutrition; pet nutrition; veterinary interprofessional practice; interprofessional education; professional teamwork; professional roles; interprofessional communication