Botany, Production and Uses Series


Botany, Production and Uses

November 2023
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    20th November 2023
  • ISBN 9781800620919
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  • Pages 408 pp.
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Kiwifruit is one of the few fruit crops that has been successfully introduced to the marketplace and for which commercial production in several countries has expanded rapidly over the last 50 years. Kiwifruit science and production has advanced significantly during this time, with multiple new green-, yellow- and red-fleshed cultivars being commercialized while moving into the era of genomics, sustainability, digital technology and automation.

This book reviews the scientific and technical information published on kiwifruit, their biology and management. It provides a comprehensive reference on kiwifruit, including their history, genetic material, culture, physiology, pest and disease control, and fruit consumption. Particular attention is given to recent threats and opportunities, including environmental issues, the disease Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae, new genetics, new growing areas and technology advances. Contributions from a wide range of international specialists ensure coverage of key aspects of kiwifruit and their culture in different environments.

Of particular interest to academic researchers in horticulture, the book is also suitable for a wider audience including extension personnel, growers, consultants, and professional and technical staff associated with the kiwifruit industry.

List of Contributors
List of Actinidia taxa mentioned
List of kiwifruit cultivars
1: History of Kiwifruit: Evolution of a Global Crop
2: Global Industry and Markets
3: Biology of the Genus Actinidia
4: Fruiting Cultivars
5: Male Cultivars
6: Kiwifruit Rootstocks
7: Kiwiberry
8: Propagation of Kiwifruit Plants
9: Genetic Improvement, Kiwifruit Genome and Dioecy
10: Soil, Climate and Site Selection
11: Vine Nutrition and Water Requirements
12: Vine Management Systems
13: Kiwifruit Pollination
14: Axillary Bud, Shoot and Flower Development
15: Vine Canopy and Root Physiology
16: Fruit Development: Growth, Maturation and Ripening
17: Vine and Fruit Diseases
18: The Bacterial Canker of Kiwifruit Caused by Pseudomonas syringae
pv. actinidiae
19: Pests and Their Management
20: Postharvest: Fresh Fruit Harvest, Storage and Supply
21: Consumer Research into Fresh Kiwifruit: Fruit Quality, Consumer Methods and Future Trends
22: Kiwifruit: Future Potential, Risks and New Directions

Annette Richardson

Dr. Annette Richardson is a plant physiologist who specializes in kiwifruit physiology and management. She has 35 years research experience leading fundamental and applied research programs as well as transferring new technology to the kiwifruit industry. This work has ranged from understanding dormancy and flower production, factors influencing fruit development, climatic effects on kiwifruit and carbohydrate metabolism of fruit and vines. This has resulted in 38 peer reviewed publications, 26 scientific conference presentations, 52 industry articles, as well as many industry presentations (70+) and industry client reports (90+).

Jeremy Burdon

Dr. Jeremy Burdon is a postharvest physiologist with over 35 years' research experience in fundamental and applied research and consultancy. The last 25 years have largely been spent addressing commercial aspects of the kiwifruit supply chain, from harvest to the consumer, including the commercialization of new kiwifruit cultivars from New Zealand. Outputs include 47 peer reviewed publications, 25 Acta Horticulturae publications, 48 other publications for industry, popular articles, book chapters and reviews, and ~200 reports to commercial clients.

Ross Ferguson

Dr. Ross Ferguson is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and of the International Society for Horticultural Science. He has more than 50 years research experience and has worked on kiwifruit for more than 40 years. As well as his own research on kiwifruit nutrient requirements, sap movement, kiwifruit history, kiwifruit and human health, ploidy measurements, and kiwifruit taxonomy, he has prepared 35 reviews on various aspects of kiwifruit biology and the kiwifruit industry, including two major reviews in Horticultural Reviews.

Kiwifruit; Actinidia spp.; taxonomy; cultivars; rootstocks; propagation; climate; physiology; vine; fruit; management; canopy; nutrition; pollination; pests; disease; maturity; storage; consumer; health