CABI Regional Tourism Series Series

Tourism Planning and Development in Western Europe

April 2022
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    6th April 2022
  • ISBN 9781800620797
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

For many decades, Western European countries have undertaken diverse pathways in tourism development and planning. Most have experienced fast or even unlimited growth, resulting in overtourism and, now, the introduction of policies that respect the limits of communities and the sustainability of their resources.

Focusing exclusively on tourism development, planning, and policy, this book draws together new voices to discuss issues across Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. It:

  • Provides both successful and unsuccessful case studies to illuminate real, practical solutions, developed by tourism scholars who are experts in their researched context countries.

  • Adopts a range of methodological approaches to cover diverse and less-covered areas such as industrial tourism, saltpans, natural and cultural heritage, and micro-destinations.

  • Considers post-COVID tourism and the significant role of tourism stakeholders in Western Europe's re-development.
An invaluable collection for policy-makers, researchers and academics, this book is also an insightful source of engaging contemporary case studies for use in the classroom.

1: Informed Developments for a Sustainable Community: An English Case Study in Renewal and Rejuvenation. Peter Wiltshier.
2: Foreign Tourists Reaching Italy: Transport Mode Choice and Seasonality. Anna Serena Vergori.
3: Malta’s Tourism Impacts, Challenges and Contrasts: A Conceptual Framework for Short/Long Term Tourism Development. Marie Louise Mangion.
4: Analysis of Industrial Tourism in Seville, Spain. Ana M. Domínguez-Quintero and Sonia Ancio-Alcón.
5: Saltpans: An Indissociable Natural And Cultural Heritage. Margarida Ferreira da Silva, Helena Albuquerque, Filomena Martins and Gildas Buron.
6: Strategic Considerations for Sustainable Tourism Development of the Micro-Destination East Belgium. Laura Rauschen, Anastasia Traskevich and Martin Fontanari.
7: Perceived Impacts of Urban Tourism on Host Communities: Comparing Milan and Porto. Valeria Fuse and Elisabeth Kastenholz.
8: Sociocultural Dimension of Destination Resilience and its Implication for Innovative Product Design in Experimental Destinations of Germany, Italy and Ireland. Valeria Diaferia, Anastasia Traskevich and Martin Fontanari.
9: Planning for a More Sustainable Tourism? A Pan Nordic Analysis of Regional Tourism Strategies for Rural Areas. Rikke Brandt Broegaard, Ágúst Bogason and Anna Karlsdóttir

Konstantinos Andriotis, PhD

Konstantinos Andriotis is a Professor in Tourism at Middlesex University London. He holds a PhD in Tourism Development and Planning (Bournemouth University, 2000) and a Post Doc in Tourism Marketing (Hellenic Open University, 2006). He edits International Journal of Tourism Policy, Journal of Qualitative Research in Tourism and the CABI Regional Tourism Series. He has an h-index of 32 and more than 4500 citations. He was listed in the Stanford University list of top 2 per cent of scientists in the World. His research interests include tourism development and planning, alternative forms of tourism, tourism experience and degrowth.

Carla Pinto Cardoso, PhD

Carla Pinto Cardoso holds a PhD in Economics of Tourism at Bournemouth University (UK) and is the Coordinator of the Tourism and Heritage Department in the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences at Portuguese Catholic University, located in Braga, Portugal, where she also teaches in the tourism and economic fields. She is member of the R&D Centre for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies and her research and publications interests include tourism impacts, planning as well as strategic management. Whilst working as senior lecturer and department coordinator she supervised a number of undergraduate projects, master dissertations and thesis. She has published in a number of journals and participated and organized several conferences. She is also working as senior tourism consultant, being involved in national and international tourism projects.

Dimitrios Stylidis

Dimitrios Stylidis, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in Tourism Marketing at the University of Crete, Greece. Prior to this, he was Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Research Cluster Leader at Middlesex University London, and a Postdoc Researcher and Visiting Lecturer at the Ben-Gurion University, Israel. Dimitrios holds an MSc and PhD in tourism from the University of Surrey, U.K. His research interests include place image and marketing, tourist destination image and behavior, tourism impacts and sustainable development. His work has been published in several journals including Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, and Journal of Sustainable Tourism.

tourism planning; tourism development; tourism policy; tourism in western Europe; tourism in Norway; tourism in Spain; tourism in Malta; tourism in the UK; tourism in Belgium; tourism in Ireland; tourism in Germany; tourism and COVID-19; tourism impacts; tourism sustainability; city tourism; destination resilience; overtourism; micro-destinations; rural tourism; regional tourism; cultural heritage; natural heritage; urban tourism; tourism in Portugal