The Fruit Fly Fauna (Diptera - Tephritidae - Dacinae) of Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Papua, Associated Islands and Bougainville

March 2022
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  • Published
    14th March 2022
  • ISBN 9781789249514
  • Language English
  • Pages 152 pp.
  • Size 8.6" x 10.8"

The book is a taxonomic treatise of the tropical fruit flies of Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Papua, associated islands and Bougainville, the region of the world where speciation in the sub-family Dacinae has been most prolific. The book provides readers with an updated record of all known species of Dacinae that occur in this geographic area including descriptions of 65 new species out of an entire list of 296 known species covered. It provides a discussion on the evolutionary origins of the Dacinae and a key to the genera and sub-genera recorded in the Australian-Pacific Region. Further, the major pest species and their biosecurity risks to other countries are discussed. Extensive field research by the authors and colleagues over many years has resulted in the accumulation of advanced knowledge of the tropical fruit flies in this region.

  • Records 296 known species
  • Descriptions and artwork of 65 new species
  • Discusses the evolutionary origins of the Dacinae
  • Provides a key to the genera and sub-genera in the Australian-Pacific

A key reference for researchers of taxonomy, ecology and pest management in the family Tephritidae worldwide. Useful for biosecurity and horticulture workers in Agriculture Departments within government administration and universities around the world.

1: Abstract
2: Introduction
3: Materials and Methods
4: Species and Speciation
5: Status of the name Bactrocera papayae Drew and Hancock
6: Supraspecific Classification
7: Systematic analysis of the fauna of Papua New Guinea and associated biogeographical territories
7.1: Key to Genera and Subgenera recorded in the Australian-Pacific Region
8: Species of Dacini recorded from Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Papua (West Papua, Central Papua, Papua), associated islands and Bougainville
9: Major pest species in Papua New Guinea
10: Taxonomy
10.1: Descriptions of new species
11: New information on known species
11.1: New definition of Bactrocera longicornis Macquart as type species of genus Bactrocera
12: New geographic distribution, male lure and host plant records

Richard A. I. Drew

Richard Drew is a leading world authority on the taxonomy, ecology and behavior of tropical fruit flies in the tephritid sub-family Dacinae. His research has led to the definition of all known major pest species and a sound knowledge of their ecology and pest management strategies. He has published over 140 research papers and three major books. He has received a range of awards including the Order of Australia and the Clunies Ross National Science and Technology Award, Australia’s most prestigious science award. He is also a fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

Meredith C. Romig

Meredith Romig has collaborated with Richard Drew for over four decades and has developed an extensive knowledge of fruit fly entomology. She has undertaken extensive field research in many countries, co-authored numerous publications and has developed excellence in technical editing of scientific works. She also pioneered the scientific artwork which is used in her current publications describing fruit fly species.

Tephritidae; Dacinae; fruit flies; genera; sub-genera; new species; pest management; biosecurity; evolutionary origins; Papua New Guinea